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In our last video, we had moved back into the bus and were starting to make some travel plans. Watch our last video here. We are now full into summer and have some exciting things to share about what God is doing. Here’s what we cover in this video:

  • We took our first big trip in the bus since 2021 to Grand Marais to spend time with friends and celebrate our freedom for Independence day.
  • While there we had an wonderful time spent with amazing friends and believers. We really enjoyed deep conversations around the bonfire.
  • Another incredible story came out of Grand Marais, and we have a few young guests on this video telling you all about how they were bold in sharing their faith! (you really have to watch it! Trust me!)
  • We talk about how thankful we are for a church community that will partner with us in giving our kids a safe space to practice praying for their peers and sharing their faith.
  • Lia talks about how her and Gibson practice listening to Holy Spirit while they were on a hike together.
  • Gibson attended to Everyday Heros (vacation bible school at church) and he and Lia along with Maverick really enjoyed their different approach, AND their new worship music. If you’re interested in listening check out album here.
  • JD talks about the simplicity of sharing your faith in simple ways during conversation, and Lia introduces the concept of “putting a rock in their shoe”
  • We spent time with Lia’s sister and her kiddos one last time before the move to Texas.
  • JD shares a little more about the projects he’s been taking on including solar installs on RV’s, installing new flooring, AND our newest project to come in August – traveling a few hours south to help with a remodel of a 1900’s house with dear friends that just moved.
  • Brief glimpse at our family day at a local nature preserve
  • AND FINALLY we’re excited to announce we have a new nephew! Kaison born to JD’s younger brother who lives in Japan.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom in trip planning. We’ll be in Minnesota for most of the summer, and have a few possible short trips planned in August, but those are still in the air. This fall we anticipate traveling in the bus again away from MN with a for sure stop to our new property in Arizona. But we really want to lean in and listen to where the Lord is leading us.
  • Installing the new Suspension Shackle on the bus. It appears to be an easy job, but it’s also 60 years old, so prayers that it goes smoothly, so we can make it to southern MN in August.


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We love you guys, thanks for watching/reading and we’ll see you in the next video!
Lia & JD