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Hi! We’re JD & Lia along with our 2 boys Gibson & Maverick. Back in 2015 we bought our 1960 Silver Eagle bus while living in Eastern Montana, one week after Gibson was born. To say it’s been fun would be the understatement of the year!

Not long after buying the bus we moved from Montana to youth pastor at a church in Minnesota just north of the Twin Cities. We absolutely loved the students and people we were able to have an impact on during our time in youth ministry. Sadly, during this time we let our priorities got out of alignment. Through some pretty tough circumstances during the beginning of 2018, we made the difficult decision to “retire” from Youth Pastoring later that year and focused on rebuilding health and balance in our family.

We quickly realized that we aren’t the only parents that struggle with the bombarding messages the world throws at us while trying to live out our faith. Through the process of healing and growing our own family we felt God calling us to be a voice to help encourage other families in their struggles navigating parenthood. We decided one of the best ways we could do that was by showing the victories and struggles we go through as a family through our YouTube channel.

During this same time we also started exploring “bus living” and the newer emerging “skoolie community”. While researching RV living JD came across the statistic posted by the RV Industry Association that a million people live full-time in their rv/camper/skoolies in the United States. That’s roughly the population of JD’s home state, Montana! We were floored to learn that so many people are embracing this nomadic lifestyle!

It wasn’t long after reading this statistic that we started thinking about how many people are a part of this greatly expanding lifestyle and desperately need to hear the message of Love, Hope and Purpose that God has for them. A stirring began in our hearts and in the beginning of 2020 we set our “Launch Date” of September 16th later that year to go out in our bus and embrace this community.



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