You don't want to miss out on yearly classic timeless photos captured as your child grows.

I provide homeschool groups and CO-OPs with school photos for an all-inclusive low price of $15 per child. 

The whole process is SUPER EASY!

Before the session pre-registration happens online. The day of the session I come directly to wherever your group meets and set up my indoor mobile studio . After the sessions everyone receives an email with a link to a private password protected gallery.



All photos are taken on a classic grey or solid white backdrop. This will ensure each years photo has the same overall feel, without distracting backgrounds.



Homeschool families are on a tight budget. You recieve a digital download of the photo file and a 5×7 print for $15.

LARGE FAMILY? The 3rd child and on is only  $10 per child.


The whole process is online, automated and simple for both the homeschool group and individual family. Simplified from online registration, during photo day, straight to photo gallery delivery.
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Pricing kept simple. The $15 session fee is all-inclusive.  Your digital image will be ready for download in a private password protected online gallery. Included in your fee is one 5×7 professional quality print. You can download your photo(s) and print wherever you choose.

I’m a fan of ease though, so if you don’t want to hassle with downloading and printing, you’ll have the option to purchase additional professional quality print packages at steeply discounted rates.

Large family? The 3rd child and on is only $10 per child.

$15 per child

  • Session Fee
  • High Resolution Digital File Included!
  • One 5x7 Print Included
  • Private Online Gallery for Each Family
  • On-Site Professional Photographer
  • Classic Grey or Solid White Backdrop (group decision)
  • 3rd Child and on is Only $10 Per Child






I’m appreciative of how Lia has gone the extra mile to make these photos not only available to our group, but accessible because of her affordable pricing. Homeschool families are primarily made up of single income households so extras like professional photos can eat into budgets quickly.




Lia is great at connecting with kids and adults of all ages! She has an ability to capture genuine smiles and create a fun, relaxed environment. Our photos were high quality and we were thrilled with the outcome of our school pictures!




We loved working with Lia! She was very professional and made my children feel comfortable with their photos. My teen son was not thrilled to get his photo taken but Lia was able to get him to really smile and the photo turned out great!



What’s included in your services?

I offer the same basic services as large, corporate school photography operations.  Unlike the large scale businesses, with massive overhead costs, my service is personal and I’m willing to work with smaller groups. I am the only photographer you’ll work with, so you’ll always have the same quality service. 

The individual session fees cover my time. There are no overall group set-up fees. The session fee for each child includes my time, one digital download and one 5×7 print. Everything is online, so there are no forms to collect.

How much do digital downloads cost? 

Free! A digital download file of your child’s image is included in the $15 fee.

How much do prints cost? 

One 5×7 print is included for free. I have 5 print packages ranging from $15–$29.  I also have a variety of  à la carte products to fit everyone’s needs.  See print products here. None of these print packages are required, they are offered to simplify busy lives and make it quick & easy to order directly from the gallery.

What time of year do you schedule school photos?

Generally in September and October, but school photos can be scheduled any time during the year, or multiple times.  It is not uncommon to provide fall and spring portraits to families because children change so much over the course of the year.

Can you Break down the process?

  • Appoint one person from your group or Co-Op to be my contact person, (does not need to be the leader of your group, just the contact person between your group and me.)
  • We’ll schedule the photo day & I’ll create an event in my online system. 
  • Families register and pay online for photos. 
  • I come directly to you and set up my mobile studio wherever your group meets (it DOES need to be indoors.)
  • On photo day I check each family in via an app on my phone. I can quickly take on the fly registrations the same day as well straight from my phone.
  • About 3-5 days after photo day an email will go out to each family to their private gallery to view and download their digital images and order any prints. 
  • The gallery will remain open for 3 weeks to allow families to order any additional prints or products. You even have the option to add retouching to the photos to remove any unwanted blemishes or scrapes for just $4. 
  • When the 3 weeks is up, I’ll order all the prints and my lab will print and individually package per family. These will all be shipped together in one big bundle to the contact person. 
  • The contact person will then be in charge of distributing the photos to the group. 

When is the session fee due?

The session fee is due at the time of registration via online. I do take walk-ins the same day as photo day. Cash Check or Credit Card will be accepted the same day.

Can I really print my digital image anywhere I want?

Yes! The digital download image comes with a print release. This means you can print the photo at your favorite print venues. NOTE: I can NOT guarantee the print quality or color if you choose to print on your own. The included 5×7 will give you reference to what a professional quality print should look like if you choose to print elsewhere. 

Will my photos be private?

Yes! Each family will have one password protected gallery of all their children’s images. A unique password for their gallery will be emailed when the gallery is live. (Usually about 3-5 days after photo day)

Can you do sibling photos?

Yes, sibling photos will be treated like another child. For example if you have 2 children, you would register for 3 children. For the 3rd child just type their name as “Sibling Photo.” The cost will then be $10 for the extra photo. Free 5×7 print and digital file included!

I’m not part of a homeschool group or co-op, can I still get photos? 

Yes! I will have 2 dates in October at my home studio you can register for. October 15 and the 2nd date is to be determined. Space is limited, so sign up as soon as you can. [Sign up here]

Do you only shoot homeschool groups? 

No! I’m not exclusive to only homeschool groups. I’ll shoot any group or school with the same details outlined above.