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It’s true, you’re thinking… when are they NOT working hard? The last 2 weeks JD has been working on the playset and a few things on the bus. Here is a wrap up video of the new playset! Let’s just say that JD is an exceptional dad, and he wins the dad of the year award for how epic this thing has turned out!

Prayer Requests

  • First JD was sick and now I’m sick. Please pray for healing and that the boys don’t catch it.
  • Pray for patience with each other as we move back into the bus
  • Lia is building a direct booking website for the house for returning guests (they won’t have to pay such a high fee to Airbnb & VRBO, and we won’t have to pay a fee either. Win win! Pray that it goes quickly so we can launch it next week.


If you haven’t joined already, we encourage you to join our channel on Telegram, where we’ve been posting short updates in real time. We posted a few clips of the bus projects JD’s been working on. Download and find our channel at the following link:

We love you guys, thanks for watching/reading and we’ll see you in the next video!
Lia & JD