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It’s been too long! We’re still in Minnesota, but a lot has been going on for us.

Our plans have been changing every couple of days, so here is what has been happening the last few months:

  • Watching our nephews for 2 weeks
  • Attended a classic Car show at Joy Christian Center with THE BUS!
  • Lia’s Grandfather, Clyde, passed away on June 4 at 97 years old. He left an amazing legacy and we celebrate that he is experiencing eternity in Heaven with Jesus. (you can read his obituary here)
  • We spent time with Lia’s parents.
  • JD took the boys to ND to spend time with his family while Lia worked on funeral design projects, and a very big undertaking of publishing her Grandpa’s 96 short stories into a book that will be coming in September/ October.
  • JD left the boys in ND and came home to work on a big project: A working bathtub in the bus. It looks amazing, and best of all its FUNCTIONAL!
  • Lia took the train to ND to pick up the boys and spend a few days with JD parents at FAMILY CAMP.
  • Drove the bus “Up North” to Lia parents for several days for Grandpa Clyde’s Funeral. It was really cool to hear all the stories of his life and the man a character that he was.
  • We canceled our trip to Grand Marais with friends, and instead drove our car out to ND to spend time with JD parents (all of us together) for a week during the 4th of July.
  • Lia’s Grandmother, Helvi, passed away on July 10 at 92 years old. Reunited with her beloved husband of 72 years after only 5 weeks apart. What a beautiful love story, and we celebrate the that they are both experiencing eternity in Heaven with Jesus. (you can read her obituary here)
  • We are now in round 2 of funeral arrangements, which is exhausting both physically and mentally on Lia and her whole family.
  • The JOY WEBSITE is completed and has now LAUNCHED! What a long road, and we’re so excited to cross that huge undertaking off our plate! You can visit it at if you interested.


  • We have more opportunities to share the love of God with Lia’s family, pray that we lean into those opportunities as they come up, to follow God’s leading.
  • Prayers for Lia and her family as they walk through another funeral.
  • We’ve still been renting the house out to guests while we are in MN. We live in the bus next door. Pray that as we host guests, and meet new people that we will have opportunities to share Jesus with others.


We’ll be posting a video mash up of the last few months for fun soon!