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Hello to our Renegade Family! This summer has been filled with many emotions. Grief is an interesting road to walk down, filled with sadness, yet times of joy as well. We finished funeral preparations for my Grandma, and celebrated her life with a memorial service. My sister spoke for the Eulogy at our Grandpa’s funeral, so naturally I spoke for the Eulogy at our Grandmas. I’m uploading the service now, so If you’re interested in watching it, reach out and I’ll send you the link.

In the midst of the summer funerals, we’ve also been traveling/parking the bus between our house, my parents place, “The Farm,” and Joy Christian Center. Here’s what we’ve been up to in all places.

Beach House

• Chipping away at going through, and getting rid of things we don’t need stored in the garage, boat house and crawl space.
• Enjoying using our new tub/shower in the bus!

• We purchased Gibson a newer used bike, and he is a rockstar at it! Meanwhile Maverick has upgraded from a balance bike to a pedal bike, and he learned so quickly! Both are so fast now, I can barely keep up with them!
• JD’s family came to visit for a long weekend at The Beach House. His parents from North Dakota, and his older brother, and his family from South Dakota. We had a great weekend filled with many animals–Frogs, Turtles, Bunnies, and Fish!
• JD, with his dad, Les, together cut down the big black cherry tree that was between our house and the garage. It was a HUGE project, but they got it down in a day, and cut up in a 2nd day.

The Farm
• My dad, Gary built me an AMAZING new garbage can for the bus, you really need to watch the video so you can see how beautiful it is. Everytime I open the garbage it sings!
• We were all in the Hey Day Parade! My parents were the honored Grand Marshalls this year, and so we decorated an amazing float to honor 6 generations of Nelsons in this small town here.
• Spent the week here working on a few bus projects, including installing the Air Throttle Assist, and fixing some engine leaks.

Joy Christian Center
• We spent a week at Joy, because they hired JD to do an office remodel. He tore out counters and flooring, and transformed a copy room into a beautiful office, complete with wood floor, and a custom built in desk. I did help a little bit, by doing the painting.
• During the remodel, the boys and I played in the parking lot riding bikes, and in their playground they have on the property. The boys LOVE Joy. We attended church the 2 sundays we were there as well.

The Farm
• Back at The Farm, JD’s been working on more bus projects, including new battery and inverter installation, new compressor installation, and new air dryer install.
• During that time we took a short 2 day vacation to stay at IN our house at The Beach House. It was a fun trip, playing in the lake, and getting a few updates done on the house, as well as an eye appointment for Maverick.

• We don’t know! In true Renegade Life fashion!
• We do know that we will be going out in the bus again for a few months.

• Be praying for us as we seek God’s direction in when we leave, and what direction we head.

We love you guys, thanks for watching/reading and we’ll see you in the next video!
Lia & JD