VIDEO UPDATE: Lia here, Live from North Dakota! We left the bus at home and drove here in the PT cruiser with our brand new hitch luggage rack. It was a tight 10 hour drive, which started at 10am and ended at 11:40pm! It was a long day. Why are we here?

  • JD is working on the church sound system here
  • JD will be sharing a short mission and vision of The Renegade Life with the church here.
  • Boys will be extending their stay with Grandma and Grandpa while we head home and finish getting the house ready to rent, and move completely into the bus.

Our drive here was quite eventful – Maverick puked and we stopped at a little diner and for dinner and this lovely older couple paid for our dinner!

  • Update on JDs tooth
  • Update on Windshield
  • We plan to launch as soon as the new windshield is installed, but so far we’ve heard nothing yet. Either way we’re moving forward, and will be traveling around the twin cities until our new glass is installed.