VIDEO UPDATE: Merry Christmas! We’ve been crazy busy! 
Went to ND 2 weeks ago to do some work on parents church sound system. Shared about The Renegade Life at their Church. Left the boys with JD’s parents and we worked NON-STOP for 10 days on our house. Went back to ND for Christmas and to pick up boys. 

We had the bus in the glass shop a month ago, and just finished digging out about a foot of snow so we can bring the bus to the glass shop again to get the new new windshield put in.. again! 

  • Christmas Recap on JD’s Magical Christmas Mustache!

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom in when we should leave with cold
  • Bus has a few issues with driving in the cold. Prayer for fixes.
  • Safety in driving
  • Pray that God will bring the people to rent our house! It’s now LIVE and ready to be rented!