VIDEO UPDATE: We’ve been spending a few weeks focusing on our relationship with God, and it has been so refreshing. Now we’re ready to keep moving forward with the vision that he’s given us.

It’s a chilly update this morning in Minnesota. We’ve been staying in the house for a little over a week now, and it’s been a nice little break from heating the bus. It was a little challenging, as we’d moved everything out to the bus, and found ourselves slowly moving it all back in.

It has been such a God thing, seeing his hand at work since we’ve moved back in. We’d been striving so much to get out of here, and the last 2 weeks, we’ve taken a huge step back from all bus projects, and we’ve been leaning into our time with God, and enjoying his presence more. We feel so much more at peace that God is leading our steps. The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).

We’re still anxious to get out of here, but we want to make sure our relationship with God is where it needs to be before we step out into his purposes.

Main Updates

  • Taking off sometime after Thanksgiving
  • Feeling lead to go to Quartzsite Arizona
  • Actively getting our house ready to short term rent on AirBnB
  • Sorting the boys clothes…again.
  • Built bunk beds in the house for the boys, and guests.

Windshield status

  • Waiting for it to get put back in
  • Short story, we are waiting to find an installer


  • Today I’m attacking the holding tanks again, to fix the leaks.
  • Gray tank is still leaking
  • Leak tested fresh tank, it’s good! 

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