VIDEO UPDATE: Lots of updates for you this week on all sorts of things. Below is a short list of what we cover in this video.

Last we asked for PRAYER

  • Feeling more at peace with our timeline

Windshield status

  • Waiting for it to get put back in
  • Saying 6 weeks out


  • Pulled out gray tank
  • Leak tested black tank, it’s good! 
  • Need to fix fresh water tank and test 
  • Reinstall pump and plumbing

We’ve changed our plans. 

  • North Dakota is not our first stop. 
  • Back to not knowing, but that’s OK. 
  • Looking at heading out late November. 

Now wanting to get our house ready to list on AirBnb so we can offset our mortgage while we’re gone. 

  • Sorting a lot of our stuff

Trying to get more YouTube videos edited and published. 
Lia has taken on a few more photo retouching jobs. 
Made the tough decision to move back into the house