VIDEO REPLAY: Our live Q&A for November was fun. The boys joined us this time, so that added a layer of excitement. They sat with us so well!

Here’s a short list of what we talked about:

  • JD is growing a beard!
  • Grey hair means you are wise!
  • The boys raked leaves and jumped in the pile!
  • When you are gone does your health insurance stay in effect no matter what state or length of time you are gone?
  • What the boys dress up for Halloween!
  • We saw a real MONSTER TRUCK.
  • Update on the water system in the bus…IT’S DONE & IT’S NOT LEAKING!
  • Have you ever driven the bus on snow covered roads?
  • Showing off the boys new bunk beds in their room.
  • What is the boys favorite part of the bus?
  • The boys show off their time capsules
  • Updates on the windshield.
  • Do you have plans on playing the guitar at KOA “open Mic” nights, etc?
  • While you’re gone and are renting out your house. What do you do with your belongings?
  • Narrowing down our belongings to rent the house out.
  • with COVID-19 and many people RVing right now, do you guys have ideas for witnessing/ministry to those who are only in RVs as a way to escape the virus and not RVing as a way of life?
  • When you’re on the road with the bus, how do you clean the outside? Use a hose at the camp site? or take it through a car wash?
  • Now that the water system is working, do you have to do somethign to prevent freezing?
  • Do you have to take a lot of tools with you for repair work? DO you have enough storage room for them?
  • Lia has been doing more photo retouching
  • DO you have AC in the bus, since you are going south?
  • JD is going to be doing some small construction jobs before we leave for income.
  • Prayer requests: Windshield in the bus.
  • Praying for what GOD wants, not what we want, so we don’t short change ourselves.
  • Are you guys loading bikes or scooters for riding around camp sites?

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