VIDEO UPDATE: We’re winging this update! We’re at the park, playing with the boys on our day of relaxing. Lot’s of emotions to process, as it’s already been 2 weeks since our launch party. We’re learning to float in Gods river of life, and not try to fight the current.

The main reason we haven’t departed yet, is because the bus isn’t ready. We’ve been working non-stop and we’ve been burning out. We are not effective in doing ministry when we are burnt out. So we’re refocusing, slowing down, but still getting stuff done on the bus.


  • THE BOMBAY is done!
  • We moved in on Sept 16 and have been sleeping in the bus since!
  • New privacy curtains for the front of the bus.
  • JD has been rewiring the bus, and almost done.
  • Installed all the shelving in the closets for clothing storage
  • Boys clothes are all moved in!
  • Fixed the bathtub crack


  • Finish wiring in the solar panels
  • Plumb in new water pump and the freshwater tank
  • Replace cracked coolant hoses and coolant flush
  • Install propane furnace (as a backup)
  • Install air horn

PRAYER REQUEST: We need prayer for margin, so we keep the main thing the main thing. God, Family, Ministry. We’re also focusing the week praying for our country and our leaders, so join us in that as well!