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The update from the road! We’ve been doing a lot of traveling, through Oklahoma and Texas! We’ve stayed in all Boondockers Welcome places for about 4-5 nights before we move on to the next place.

  • In Oklahoma we spent an entire day trying to get our internet working, setting up our cell tower booster (thingy-bopper).
  • We were blessed to use the showers and dump station at the nearby campground for free!
  • The boy played ALL day in a mud puddle and GO DIRTY!
  • JD finished filing our taxes!
  • JD gave me a choice- install the A/C or install the hot water heater. Since we’re in texas where it’s hot, and we alreay heat water on the stove, I opted for the A/C! JD installed the inside portion of our Air Conditioner. It was quite a job, but I’m so thankful its done!
  • We made it to TEXAS!
  • Outside of Fort Worth, TX we met and hung out with 4 families in the campground we stayed at, and also met up with JD’s uncle and aunt Ken & Val. During our stay JD reignited his desire to get pet goats…
  • We stayed on a 260 acre farm outside Waco, TX, which was a blast! The boys had the opportunity help feed the pigs and see lots of animals up close.
  • On our way to San Antonio we had our first tire blow out on the side of the busy freeway. Praise Jesus, he protected us. While JD was putting on the spare tire (on our tow car) we started a little round of “I spy the hand of God” and started listing off all the things we were thankful for in the experience. “I’m thankful it’s not raining and it’s sunny blue skies!” “I’m thankful it was just one tire so we could drive the car into the tire shop”… and on we went. We’re learning to be adaptable through it all, and most importantly finding Joy in Jesus not our circumstances.
  • We were able to spend the night in the WalMart parking lot, and use their blazing fast internet!

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would continue to open up opportunists to connect with people and share the Love of Jesus and the Gospel with them.
  • Continued safety on the road
  • Our internet connections as we travel and try to work