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Short recap on what we cover in this video :

  • Hello from Arkansas!

Spent 6 nights in Branson, 

  • Norm, ministering to RVers. 
  • Pray for his health. 
  • Friends from MN coming through Branson, got to meet up with them
  •  went to a huge indoor playground. 

Messaged by one of Lia’s old friend who lives 1.5 hrs away. Prayed about it and decided to book a few nights at an rv oark

  • Needed to dump holding tanks and fill with water. 

The road to Roger’s Ar was CRAZY! 

  •  Steep and windy roads ahead. Trucks use Jake breaks. 

Got to have dinner with Lia’s friends last night. 
Met George at the rv Park, had a great convo

  • Used to play in bands, & thought our bus was cool. Reminded him of the tour buses he’d see at shows
  • Be praying for him

Met Pete down by the lake, little sketchy but nice guy. 

  • Praying that he opens his heart to God. 

*Story of Chatting with Rolling Revival Bus and headed to Springfield. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Ears to hear and eyes to see from God, so we make the most of every opportunity.
  • Safety driving
  • Pray that God will continue to bring the people to rent our house. And protection over our house.