The Renegade Life | Season 2: 10 Years in Love

January 2020 – before the pandemic truly hit us and left all feeling like life would never be the same again, we took our 10 year anniversary trip. Today we celebrate our 11 year anniversary by sharing last years trip! Like most aspects of our lives, we choose to go as cheap as we could. Florida was our destination. We flew down, stayed in various AirBnB in The KEYS for 5 nights then took the Amtrack train up to St Petersburg to spent the rest of our 5 days with friends. (Thank you Tim & Tina for hosting us!) It was so relaxing. 

We’ve officially been on the road for 14 days, and we’re still trying to figure out road life, and new routines in our small space. But today we’re so thankful for each other and the life we’ve shared over the years.

This is a little bit different style video. We choose mostly to just take 10second clips of our adventures and not “vlog” much of it, so we could truly enjoy our time and rest! This video definitely emulates the relaxation we truly felt.