On our 100 month anniversary trip, we attack our first adventure by Zip Lining one of the best courses in the Wisconsin Dells, Bigfoot Zipline Tours https://www.bigfootzip.com/

We were NOT disappointed! This is tag along style video with info about why we loved the zipline course and tips for how to make your ziplining adventure just as great! Things to do in Wisconsin Dells, Vacation ideas in Wisconsin Dells.

We had such a great time, and would recommend this business to everyone if they are in the area. Make sure you order tickets online, as you save at least $14 online over paying at the ticket counter. (We are not getting paid to promote this business).

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NOTE: This was filmed in 2018 as part of Season 1. We’re working on back posting videos to finish out season 1.

Thanks for tuning in!