Hello Friends! This week we’ve started some new projects on the bus! But before we get into that we share a little bit about the big picture of our traveling RV mission & our public YouTube Channel. – We want to specifically target families. 

We are going to be working on navigating away from Patreon (this platform) as our support platform and building a new platform on our own website. Lia is going to start building it out this next week and we’ll hope to have you ready to transition over in the end of July. 

We purchased a membership to Fulltime Families – Which is a community of families who travel full-time with their children. It is a way for those families to find community while on the road. They host rallies and have an online community. We are so excited to be able to have that connection with other families as we hit the road in September. 

BUS PROJECTS: JD started working on the Bombay conversion project and gives an update of how that is going, and Lia started installing carpet in the livingroom/kitchen area and gives an update on the progress of that. 

Lastly JD shares about a short 2 day trip out to Philadelphia. Why he’s going and what he’ll be doing while he’s there. 

Thanks for tuning in!