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In our last video we were still in Arizona sharing all the progress we made on the clubhouse. We’re back with another exciting update video, and this time we’re bringing you all the details from our spring and summer adventures. Picture this: a nice peaceful fishing trip, and then a fish hook mishap! Yep, Maverick managed to get a pesky fish hook stuck in JD’s leg, and let’s just say it was quite the ordeal trying to remove it. But fear not, our brave fisherman eventually made it to Urgent Care where those hooks were removed, phew! After that wild ride, we find ourselves at the SkoolieUP rally in Michigan. It’s a pretty awesome event with a sea of school buses, vans, and all sorts of wheeled wonders. Our good friend, Shawn, even has his bus parked right next to ours this year! Talk about having the ultimate road trip crew. But hold on, the summer saga doesn’t stop there. JD gives us a glimpse into our real estate journey. We managed to sell our Beach House for a little over the asking price! And not just that, we found a sweet spot in a campground on the same lake and snagged ourselves a camper, deck, and private dock that came with it. From selling the camper to moving our bus to the new campsite, it was quite the rollercoaster. As always, we love sharing life’s little wins and challenges with you. From unexpected snow in April to downsizing and playing a part in abnew Sabbath kickoff tradition, it’s been a whirlwind. And let’s not forget JD’s work with SotaSolar doing solar installs and a family reunion in North Dakota.

Before we wrap up this recap, let’s not forget the excitement of getting a bigger boat after the fish hook incident and the joy of inviting friends over for some lakeside fun. Who can resist a pontoon ride and a cozy bonfire? If you could be praying for us while we’re in Michigan. We want to be a beacon of light and share the love of Jesus with the diverse attendees at the bus gathering here. We want to remain in in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a rundown of exactly what we cover in this video:

  • We left Arizona in April and made a hasty trip back to MN in just 3 days.
  • Biggest reason for returning in early spring, was to prepare our house to sell.
  • We felt clearly that we should stay in the same area our house was in, and God provided the perfect place for us to stay while we’re here in Minnesota – a seasonal campground on the very same lake!
  • While we were busy downsizing our belongings, our realtor found us a buyer before we even hit the market!
  • The buyers offered us asking price, along with the extra cost to purchase the short term rental business we had created. This was an amazing blessing, because we didn’t have to try to sell all the furniture, and we were able to recoup the cost of purchasing all the supplies to run the airbnb. (for example: sheets and towels).
  • As the downsizing continued, we had a massive garage sale, sold many many things on marketplace, and built a small shed at our campsite. Everything we own now fits in the bus, in the shed at the campsite, or what we left in Arizona in the clubhouse. (oh and a few small sentimental things at my parents place).
  • After closing, we had a small problem. The camper that we had to purchase in order to obtain the site at the campground had not sold yet, even after having it listed for over a month. This meant we couldn’t move the bus to the campground yet. This meant being adaptable yet again, and spending 2 weeks at our friends place. We quickly became family, and it was a bit sad when the camper finally sold and we left their place.
  • While parked at the campground this summer, JD’s kept busy working on solar installs with SotaSolar, and the boys and I have been swimming and playing in the water non stop. All the amenities we loved about The Beach House, but without all the work that comes with owning a house, and operating a rental business out of it.
  • We took a short trip to North Dakota to visit JD’s family and attend a family reunion.
  • During a fishing trip, Maverick hooked JD’s leg so bad we needed medical assistance. “And get this! The person helping at Urgent Care had never removed fish hooks before. Talk about a process!” exclaimed JD.
  • We close out the video with a brief description of the Skoolie UP event that we’re at in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the next week.

Prayer Requests

  • We’re currently at a school bus rally, pray we will be a light to the people we meet.
  • Safe travels.
  • The bus needs a new engine. Pray that God provides the right one for a price we can afford.
  • More opportunities to meet people in our Seasonal campground.


Supporter Playlist

We have many new supporters here, so if you’d like to catch up on our journey in the past, here is a playlist of all our supporter videos. It’s kinda fun to go back and see Gibson as a pudgy toddler, and Maverick was just a babe when we started our Renegade Life Journey!~


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Lia & JD