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Coming at you from Minnesota! We made it back a few days ago, but lets review the last few weeks!

Had a wonderful time in South Padre Island with Fulltime Families

  • Connecting with people 
  • Hanging out with 2 boys from a family that had a medical emergency.
  • Fun video mashup of the last half of our time in SPI.

JD’s dad, Les in ND came down with Covid

  • Hurried back north
  • Spent a day in Fort Worth to hang out with JD’s Uncle and Aunt 
  • Met some friends in OK as they were traveling south while we headed north. 
  • Met a trucker at a rest area. Asked if I could pray with him. Super funny look. 
  • Spent 5 days in Sioux Falls JD’s brother Chris and family.
  • Mothers day dinner recap.
  • Divine appointment with gal in the grocery store
  • Picked up a new generator! 


  • God would give us speediness on the projects to get done on the house, (painting the exterior).
  • God would continue to give us opportunities to connect with people even while off the road.
  • Direction in what is next.