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Short recap on what we cover in this video.

Happy New Year! We cover so much in this video! Here’s a short recap.

  • The windshield is officially replaced and it’s so clean and clear!
  • Our house is live on AirBnB and we had our friends “test rent” for us, so they could anticipate and problems and for us on test the airbnb app from the host side.
  • We had our first REAL booking at the house!
  • We had to scramble to get out of the house for our first renters!
  • We planned to park in front of Lia’s sister’s house for 1 day, but after a few issues we stayed for 7 days!
  • We mooch docked in front of a friend’s house for one night.
  • We spent the last night in our driveway
  • We officially hit the road on January 13 2021!
  • We made it to Iowa and now headed to Missouri.

Prayer Requests:

  • Ears to hear and eyes to see from God exactly where we’re suspposed to go as we travel south
  • Safety driving
  • Pray that God will continue to bring the people to rent our house. We’ve already rented it for most of January and covered all our our mortgage for January! Praise Jesus!