VIDEO UPDATE: We’re still in Minnesota. Waiting on a windshield.

Short recap on what we cover in this video.

Great Q&A a little over a week ago! 
Beautiful weather a couple weeks ago! 

  • Lia: tons of painting
    • Bombay doors, back wall
    • Cleaning up the yard
    • Swept the whole outside of the house
    • Got a new bench for out front! 
  • JD completely finished the plumbing! *CHEERING*
  • Installed hitch on PT for bike rack
  • Replaced a seal on transmission
  • Weather seal on bay doors/front door
  • Installed heater core under table booth bench

JDs parents in town last week. Last Wednesday JD got to lead worship at a youth group in St Cloud.
Bus windshield 

  • Waiting for glass guy to come look at it 
  • He takes the glass to cut it
  • I deflate the tires to pull it into Matt’s shop
  • He installs the windshield
  • Hoping this is all done before Thanksgiving 
  • We hit the road as fast as we can! 

Getting the house ready to list on Airbnb

  • lots and lots of sorting/getting rid of things
  • Some small projects
    • Replace boys door
    • Install trim on a few places
    • Clean carpets and wash/paint walls
  • Actually list on Airbnb

Is the bus ok in the winter? 

  • Water bay is Insulated and has a small space heater
  • Keeping main level at about 45 degrees 

This week:

  • JD has a couple side jobs
    • installing a fireplace/redoing a wall
    • Helping a friend hang some doors, shiplap, misc other small projects
  • Lia has a couple photo shoots to edit

Pray for wisdom in when we should depart.