Lots of updates coming at you this week!

  • Filming more – so we’re not squandering the influence we have on people, even if we don’t edit and post it until later.
  • Being faithful in what God is calling us to do.
  • Blessed by many people this week including:
    • Memory foam topper for the boys room for $25
    • Made new custom bins for boys clothing out of corrugated plastic
    • Shawn made us toy boxes out of wood as a gift!
    • Another friend Mike gifted JD a bike, and is tuning mine up as well!
    • Free small bag of legos for the boys to have in the bus.
  • Finished bus projects include:
    • Insulated the under bays including walls, floor and doors.
    • Plastic welding new fittings on the water holding tanks
    • Plywood boxes to hold the tanks in place.
    • New cables from the batteries to the starter (because we relocated the battery)
    • Jeremy helped JD get the solar batteries into the bus and how to run the electrical for it.
  • Lia sewed a new foot hammock
  • Lia sewed “Pajama Pockets”

PRAYER REQUEST: That we would be able to continue to plow away on projects, but not forget to listen to God and do what he calls us to do in the moment and for the long term.

We are not going to LEAVE on the 16, because there are some mechanical things that we need to take care of before we leave, so we are MOVING IN on the 16th and that will give us a buffer time for a few days.