The Renegade Life | Season 2: Trailer

Hi, We’re JD & Lia. We live in a tiny house in Minnesota along with our 2 boys, Gibson and Maverick. Back in 2015, we bought our 1960 Silver Eagle bus and have been busy fixing, replacing, and updating it. While the list of projects will probably never be done, we’re ready to hit the road! Follow our adventure as we navigate family life with intentional living, and have a whole lot of fun doing it! Our motto: Faith, Family, Adventure.

We started making videos back in 2018, sharing the adventures we had as well as processing some of the struggles we would go through. We had fun in the lake, taking a leap of faith, getting the bus ready for our 100 month anniversary trip, AND taking the trip. But, having just gone through a season of burn-out, we realized, about 6 months into making videos, that our family was not quite healed. We decided to take a break from video making, for as long as needed, to re-establish our priorities and margin in our family.

So here we are! This season of rest has been amazing! We have been able to sit back and enjoy the adventures of life again and gain clarity with the direction our lives are going. You see, we believe God created each one of us, with our specific talents and passions, to accomplish a purpose that only we can accomplish, to have an impact on the world in such a way that nobody else can have.

Follow along as we share a glimpse of what our lives are like. From never-ending bus projects to livingroom dance parties, late nights around the lake side bonfire and road-trips across the country, embracing minimalist living and the struggle of “things” – to the freedom that is found through our faith and relationship with Jesus. Our goal, is that by sharing our lives, you can experience a little more of the hope and joy that we have found.

If you’re interested in early access to our YouTube content and more of a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our lives, join our “Renegade community” where we post more unfiltered and unedited content. You can join for as little as $5 a month.