On our 100 month anniversary trip, we branch out and take our biggest leap of faith yet! Lia has done it once before, 10 years ago, but this is JD’s first time. Can you guess what it is????

SPOILER ALERT: We went Skydiving!! at the Wisconsin SkyDiving Center https://wisconsinskydivingcenter.com/, and it was one of the BEST experiences. Not just because of the thrill, but because the owners and staff at Wisconsin Skydiving Center were amazing to work with. The atmosphere was lighthearted and relaxed. There is a huge outdoor community area that includes and BBQ grill a huge bonfire pit & lots of picnic tables where you can laugh with your friends and share how epic skydiving is. Even your friends that are not skydiving are more than welcome to come hang out.

The training at Wisconsin skydiving center was incredibly thorough. Straight down to physically practicing how to place your foot as you step out of the plane, how to sit in the harness properly and how to lift your feet as you land. We both felt very well prepared.

At the end of the video, we get a chance to interview Bo, the owner. He has such good insight into what makes life worth living. Not just to work.


NOTE: This was filmed in 2018 as part of Season 1. We’re working on back posting videos to finish out season 1.

Thanks for tuning in!