We own a 1960 Silver Eagle bus that is parked next to our tiny house on a lake in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We live “The Renegade Life” and are not about conforming to a standard of societal norms, but of living authentically and showing the love of Jesus to those around us.

It is possible to live a life of adventure and wonder. Where schedules are not packed and patience is running thick. Where selflessness abounds and compassion is the flavor of the week, every week. It’s not easy to go against the “American dream” when it seems like everyone is telling you that is what you need to be happy, but it’s worth it, and that’s the life we’re striving to live.

We post weekly Vlogs of our family life in hopes of encouraging those who watch that they too can live a life that is different than what the world tells them they have to.

Thanks for tuning in!