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We were guests on the Occupy Freedom Podcast

We had the pleasure of being guests on our dear friends, Justin and Rheanna Arfsten’s podcast, Occupy Freedom Podcast, discussing what it looks like to lean into God’s provision in our lives. We had a ton of fun discussing how we started the journey of living and traveling in a bus, what it has been like as well as how we have been able to see the hand of God bring provision when we obey what he is calling us to do.

Update: Various Visitors // March 2024

We had our biggest solar install yet, and made many home improvements to the clubhouse while we enjoyed visits from both JD and Lia’s parents. We also faced some challenges while trying to pick up our new bus in New Jersey, and enjoyed a vacation in Winterhaven California.

Update: The Flash Flood // Jan 2024

From braving unexpected flash floods to meaningful encounters with our neighbors and guests. Join us as we bring you on a search for a new bus, tackle our massive brush pile, and share the latest work on the clubhouse.